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The Founder

Mansi KejriwalFounder

Mansi Kejriwal is a certified and trained Career Counselor with over 10 years of experience in Research and Counseling. She holds a B.Tech, MBA and M.S in Psychotherapy & Counseling. After her MBA she worked as a Market Researcher, which involved conducting quantitative and qualitative researches on consumer behaviour and attitude. She has worked with national and international brands like Canon, AC Nielsen, ITC, R&B, McCain, Tempur, Costa Coffee, Herbalife, ABP, IRCTC etc. During her job, she encountered many people who were struggling with their career choices and decisions. These experiences were an eye opener towards the desperate need of students for proper guidance and support. She observed that the current education and family system don’t allow individuals to make an informed decision about their career. She left her job in 2016 and dedicated herself to learn about career guidance in Indian education system and identify the gaps students experience while taking the most important decision of their professional lives.

Since then she has undertaken multiple certification courses to learn every aspect of counselling including neuroscience, behavioural counselling, work psychology, and international counselling practices along with testing various edtech product personally before recommending them to her students. The foundation of Building Blocx, her education and career guidance initiative, was laid on 29 January 2020 and through this platform she intends to offer her knowledge and end-to-end solution for informed career decision making to everyone, whoever and whenever they get stuck.

Mission ico

Our mission is to help individuals identify and achieve their highest potential

vision ico

Our vision is to be the most trusted platform of education and career guidance services for students, teachers, and young professionals seeking genuine support with their career planning and development.

Career Guidance Tools of Building Blocx

We have intensively studied and tested the products of different service providers in the space of counselling and education. We have also ensured to take perspective and reviews of various counsellors and students before selecting them for our platform. What further strengthens our collaboration is the ideals and values we all share in common i.e. student centricity and unbiased guidance. We are proud and confident of the services that we are offering through our platform. If you know of something better, do give us a shout-out! We are always open to improvisation.

Code Of Conduct

We have two deep ingrained values which we have kept in focus during the entire time our counselling process has been designed.
These are "Student Centricity" and "Unbiased Guidance".

STUDENT CENTRICITY means that during every conversation whether with parents or teachers or student herself, the student always remains the focus. Her interests, strengths, weakness and motivations will always be the core criteria for making education or career decisions. She is the one whose life is going to change forever based on the decisions we take today and we ensure that she gets a say in that!

UNBIASED GUIDANCE means that every guidance sessions and every choice given will be judgement free. It will neither be influenced by family preferences nor by student’s gender or societal factors. We further don’t participate in any college or institute partnerships to influence college decisions of the student. Our guidance is entirely based on the logical outcomes of the scientific tools used and active listening to the needs identified verbally or nonverbally of the student.