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As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. We help you CREATE YOUR FUTURE! We believe that our achievement lies in the success of our Clients. Our aim is to assist people realize their true potential and have a fulfilling career life.

We provide you the perfect platform to explore various career avenues that suit your personality and passion with extensive details of the career options you can have. We take advantage of the best industry tools to showcase all career opportunities – popular as well as futuristic and provide clarity about skill competencies required for different career paths. We employ a holistic approach in our counselling sessions, taking everything, from objective assessment to subjective profile insights and from Client’s personal interests to environmental influences into consideration. Our Client is the key decision maker who with our help learns to make her own informed and confident choices. Drop your query to learn more about our counselling process!

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About Building Blocx

What We Do


Career Dashboard

Have access to information and latest update on all careers, courses, colleges and scholarships on one platform. This service is available for students from 8th grade to 12th grade pass-outs.

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric Assessment

Analytics driven and multi-trait standardized career tests to make the right education, skill, occupation and role choices at all critical career stages. This service is available for school & college students, graduates and professionals.


Subject Selection

Identify the right combination of subjects that match your interests, abilities and future career preferences along with profile building support. This counselling service applies to 8th to 10th grade students.


Career Pathway Planning

Identify your career options and chalk out your plan towards desired careers including course, college, entrance exams and scholarship selection. Stand out in your college application and interviews with profile building guidance provided by us. This counselling service applies from 11th grade student to 12th grade pass-outs.


Coding & Skill Development Programs

Learn more than theory – engage in practical applications of what you learn and develop hands-on skills in different technical and vocational activities. This service applies to students from 8th to 12th grade.


Overseas Education

Study abroad in the country, college and course of YOUR CHOICE and avail scholarship opportunities. You will get full-support with profile building and college application process. This service applies to students from School Grade 11 to College Graduates.


Career Development

Grow in your career by learning about industry trends and identifying the right courses to upskill your profile. This mentoring service applies to graduates and working professionals.


Career Transition

Whether you are a new mother on sabbatical or a bored professional, explore your strengths and find new opportunities in the gig economy. This career coaching service applies to professionals.


Teacher Training Programs

Get trained as a digital educator and career guidance provider for your students. Explore how these trainings can benefit you, your school and your students in services under “Schools”.


Career Planning

Learn to be Confident and Flexible. Plan your education and career ahead of others so you are never confused and always prepared with your choices.

Career Development

Learn to Unlearn and Relearn. Be ready always for every challenge that comes in your path by knowing your strengths and developing skills required in the VUCA world of jobs.

Career Transition

Learn to Accept and Adapt. Your first choice might not be your final choice. Take advantage of gig economy and plan your options so you can follow the money as well as your passion!

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